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Give the power of

Deep Learning to your Dentists & Patients!

Integrate AI as a feature into your Dental Practice System in a jiffy with our intelligent APIs. 

We build best data models with expert dentists to delight your users

We have a team of best dentists, data annotators, data scientists, to build Deep learning products which you can easily integrate in your software through our APIs.


Tooth Numbering in OPG X-rays

Identify teeth outlines, numbering, jaw outlines, help in endodontic decision makings, auto chart missing tooth, give GUI for selection on X-Ray directly.

Pathologies detection in OPG X-Rays

Give a second opinion on the pathologies in the mouth, find caries, cysts, bone pockets, Concrements, Periodontitis and more.

Restorations detection in OPG X-rays

Detect past restorations like fillings, root canal, crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers, retainers, the quality of the restorations, and maintain history records.

Chat Bots for Dental clinics

Give the power of Chatbots to dental practices, to improve patient care and be available for assistance 24×7.

Personalised Reports

Generate personalised reports with treatment options, explainer videos of the pathologies and treatment procedures.

Bitewing, CBCT, Apical….coming soon

We started with OPQ X-rays, and we are on a journey to explore more kinds of X-rays and help solve more dental problems through AI.

Real-time data Annotation, data Mapping.

We have our expert in house certified data annotators under the guidance of our expert dentists to get best quality data for training the neural network.

Pattern detection & analysis.

Our expert Data Scientists and Data engineers, analyse the data to fine tune best algorithms for training neural networks to get most precise predictions.

Here’s some of the journey’s we imagined, why don’t you come up with some more?

Clinic Assistant

Give the Power of AI powered assistant within the PMS tool to help the dentist with all the reporting related stuff so that they can focus on what they do best – Make people smile the best 🙂

  • AutoChart treatment plans with 1 click.
  • Detect past treatments done on your patients and the quality of it and chart it.
  • Detect pathologies and chart it.
  • Integrates within your PMS
  • Generate personalised treatment plans for patients.

Patient On-Boarding in a Box

Patient Onboarding in a box

  • Chatbot to work on website, whatsapp for your patients to chat with anytime, anywhere.
  • Help patients to take action at the right time with customised reports at the tap of a button.
  • Provide second opinion to your patients to get their tratment done by your experts.

Build your custom Dental AI product.

We are on a journey to empower Dentistry with AI, if you have some new ideas, we are always open to exporing together.

Chief Humans@CheckDent

DDr. Jaroslav Belsky

Dental Wizard – Creating magical smiles for over 20+ years

Arnav Saha

Product Wizard – Creating magical digital products  for over 8+ years

Netik Agarwal

Data Wizard – Creating magical algorithms  for over 5+ years

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